Benefits of having a dog

Dogs make our lives better. It’s just a fact. There are other benefits that people may not be aware of, however, that come from sharing your life with a dog. And they aren’t only emotional ones. Studies have shown having a dog will also help keep you physically healthy. 

We all understand that having a furry companion requires us to be more physically active in order to keep them healthy and give them the exercise they need. That’s good for both of us. But our dogs impact our physical well-being in other ways. Cuddling with your pup releases endorphins, which helps lower stress levels and lifts the mood of those who suffer from anxiety or depression. Playing with a dog increases the joy and laughter in your life and can help lower blood pressure. The fun the two of you share wipes some of the debilitating stress away.

Dogs have also made life better for those suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. Going through chemotherapy and other cancer treatments is difficult and often leaves a patient mentally and emotionally down as well as physically down. The need to focus on taking care of a dog gives cancer patients something, and someone to dwell on instead of their own pain. It lifts their spirits and helps them weather the brutal treatments in a better state of mind.

Fun, love, and exercise all combine to make having a dog one of the best investments in your health you can make. Together the two of you make life happier and healthier.