Dogs and chocolate

All of us love a treat. If you’re a dog owner you know dogs love treats too. Chocolate is a favorite for most of us. It soothes our mood and tastes so very good. But when it comes to your pup, chocolate isn’t the best choice for a fun treat.

The reason your dog can’t share your love of chocolate has to do with a component called theobromine. While theobromine can lower blood pressure and support healthy heart function in humans, it doesn’t have the same effect on dogs. Dogs aren’t able to metabolize theobromine as quickly as humans do, a fact which can allow it to build up to toxic levels in their systems. This can produce seizures, an irregular heartbeat or tremors. Dogs can also have a heart attack from high levels of theobromine. While a large dog may only experience vomiting or diarrhea after consuming a small amount of chocolate, little dogs can suffer worse reactions. Should your dog consume chocolate call your vet right away.

Despite the problems with chocolate, your dog still loves treats. Here’s some healthy options for them:

  • apple slices (with core removed)
  • peanut butter (make sure it’s not “sugar-free” and contains an artificial sweetener like xylitol)
  • yogurt (again check that it contains no artificial sweeteners)

And don’t forget how much your dog loves to chew. Bullibone has the perfect treat for that need. Our flavored bones provide both taste and fun while also aiding with your dog’s dental health. Or add a bit more fun by selecting the Spin-A-Bone. This interactive toy comes with multiple chew heads and provides hours of chewing enjoyment even for aggressive chewers. 

Choosing treats that are healthy for your dog will make both of you happy. And keeping your dog happy and healthy means the two of you will have a lot of time to play.