Give a gift of charity!

The word charity is defined as the “voluntary giving of help to those in need.” By these very words, all of us understand that charity is a choice. It’s also an investment in the future. September 5th is designated as the International Day of Charity. All across the world, people are reaching out with what they have to give.

It isn’t only people in need of those resources and those gifts. The human world often overshadows the wonder of nature and the inhabitants of the animal kingdom. A day of charity is an excellent time to remember those who share this planet with us, and who share our lives. 

This year has been a difficult one in many ways. As businesses and our economy suffer from the consequences of a global pandemic, there are many who are hurting right now. That hurt extends to the pets who share our lives and those who care for those animals waiting for their forever home. 

Shelters and communities who provide funding for those shelters are all hurting economically now. They are in need of donations more than ever. A gift to your local animal shelter would be greatly appreciated during this time.  Helping those who rescue abandoned and abused animals is an investment in the wonder and love pets bring to our lives. 

So celebrate this International Day of Charity with a gift to those who gift us every day with their companionship. Make a charitable donation to the organizations that work so hard to protect the lives of the dogs who bring so much joy to us.