Let’s get physical!

Part of the fallout from the Covid crisis is the worry about how to put healthy exercise into our lives. People are staying home, and sometimes finding themselves a bit depressed at the unexpected change to their lifestyles. That’s why some folks decided to have a World Fitness Day, where there would be a focus on getting and staying healthy. For pet owners, however, getting and staying healthy is only a walk away.

Dogs and humans both require exercise. That’s a given. It also makes having a furry companion an excellent way to keep both of you active and engaged. Dogs love to walk. And they need the benefits of not only walking, but running and playing. Even older dogs benefit from daily exercise, as do older humans. 

It’s estimated that almost half of the dogs in the US are overweight. Walking and other exercise not only helps take off the pounds, but improves joints, increases stamina and flexibility and wards off diseases caused by carrying extra weight. And walks are fun. 

Weeks of quarantine has kept many housebound. Slowly that’s changing. With masks and social distancing, many are finding they can leave their homes and get the fresh air they’re longing for. To restore some balance, try getting off the beaten path, where you don’t have to worry about crowds. Getting out in nature helps you feel better and the walking helps your dog feel better. 

So take a tip from World Fitness Day and put some movement into yours and your dog’s life. Take a walk, or a run at the park, or play a game of fetch in your own backyard. Whatever way you choose to do it, you and your dog will both feel better for it.