Wounded Warrior Project Box


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The sample box is perfect to let you try the best of Bullibone. It comes with an original Bullibone to match your dog’s size, an engaging, and an appropriate size Spin-A-Bone. Each flavored with real bacon bits.

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Some common questions we get about this product

How long does this bone last?

This really depends on your dog. We recommend matching your dog to the size of bone and it should last a couple of weeks. If your dog is a power chewer and going through the bone too quickly then we recommend one of our thicker products designed to hold up to your dogs monster jaws like the Jumbo Spinabone or Treat Trap.

Is this product safe for my dog?

Yes, this product is safe, it is actually a safe alternative to rawhide bones. This product is vet recommended.

Is the product edible?

This product is ingestible. We only use 2 ingredients, a natural flavor such as real bacon, beef or peanut butter and a high-grade fiber like nylon. The nylon is non-reactive and a safe alternative to rawhide, your dog will probably swallow little bits of the material but it is designed to just pass through like fiber.  So the word “edible” refers to food, this product is a toy not intended to be food.