World, meet the Super Brush!

The Super Brush has our ScrubClean(tm) technology creates teeth cleaning bristles while giving your dog hours of entertainment.

ScrubClean™ Technology

Removing plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth is key to a cleaner, healthier mouth. With our SuperBrush, that task is easier to accomplish. Not only will the SuperBrush clean those hard to reach spots in between teeth, but it also contains apple and cinnamon extract, which studies have shown to have other benefits for your pup’s overall health.


The way it works is simple. As your dog chews on the SuperBrush, it frays, creating baking soda filled bristles. These bristles work their way between teeth, removing plaque that causes bacteria and helping end bad breath. Cleaner Kisses Scrub Clean technology is an effective, easy to use system to help your dog maintain good oral health.
We all know the benefits of eating apples, but did you know your dog can enjoy those benefits as well? Indeed they can. Young or old, apples can be part of a healthy diet for your pet, adding a variety of nutrients to their daily food.
Apples are loaded with vitamins A and C, which means they contribute to a stronger immune system. These vitamins also help puppies develop strong muscles and bones as they grow. The fruit also contains soluble fiber, which aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system and relieves constipation. Antioxidants in apples add to their overall benefit for dogs. They help keep cells healthy. These vitamins and minerals also aid in improving eyesight and strong bone development. And apples are low in fat, which makes them a great treat for all dogs, but especially ones who’ve been put on a low-fat diet.
Another benefit that may surprise you is how apples can help keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Daily brushing is the best, but all of us know it can be a difficult practice to keep up with. Chewing on an apple slice can make the chore fun. Dogs love to chew and the rough texture of the fruit rubs against your pup’s teeth while they’re having fun, removing plaque and tartar buildup. 
As with anything you feed your dog, moderation is key to accessing the benefits of apple slices. Of course, the core and seeds must be removed before feeding them to your pet. Your dog will need lots of water as well, to help the beneficial fiber get through their system. Talk to your vet about introducing this great nutritional snack into your puppy’s diet.
If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to manage your pet’s doggie breath, try looking in your kitchen cabinet for that box of baking soda. Most of us have seen this familiar ingredient in toothpaste for people, but it’s also an easy fix for your dog’s oral health.
Bacteria in the mouth are one of the sources for not only doggie breath but infections and other problems. Poor dental health can lead to periodontal disease. And the issue won’t stop in their mouth. Disease can spread infection throughout your dog’s body. Getting rid of these bacteria is the challenge for maintaining good oral hygiene. Thanks to its alkaline nature, baking soda kills off harmful bacteria, preventing the formation and spread of disease.
Brushing with baking soda also cleans plaque buildup off your dog’s teeth. Removing bacteria and plaque from their mouths freshens their breath. Thanks to this simple kitchen ingredient, doggie breath can be a problem no longer. Daily brushing with baking soda helps make your dog healthier and their smile brighter.
Keeping our pets healthy throughout their lives can sometimes be a challenge. We love them, so we look for ways to help them stay healthy and strong. One way is to add nutritious and beneficial foods to their diet. It might surprise you, but cinnamon offers the type of health benefits dog owners are looking for.
New scientific studies show several potential benefits from giving your dog cinnamon every day. This herb contains powerful antioxidant properties which help fight cell damage as your dog ages, slowing down or preventing degenerative diseases, cancer and cardiovascular issues. Its anti-inflammatory properties alleviate some of the pain of arthritis. Cinnamon can also help regulate blood sugar, aiding in the prevention of diabetes in older or overweight dogs.
There are other potential benefits of a daily dose of cinnamon. Cinnamon is rich in calcium, providing aid to the development and maintenance of bones. It also contains other nutrients which strengthen the immune system, such as iron and vitamins A and C. The bioflavonoids in the herb help stimulate healthy circulation while the fiber it contains aid in digestion and the prevention of constipation.
The key to accessing all these benefits for your pup is offering them the proper amount and consulting with your veterinarian. While cinnamon isn’t toxic to dogs, giving them too much can have unwanted side effects. The best amount also depends on your dog’s weight. Ask your vet for help in finding the dose that will provide your furry friend the most benefits.