We create fun, easy, intuitive chew toys that allow a dog to naturally strengthen their teeth and scrape away plaque, stimulate blood flow and improve oral health.

We would do anything for our pets and that love extends into every product we produce.  We do everything in the USA and always use the highest quality materials and practices. One of the biggest problems facing dog health in our modern society is problems with their teeth. One in three dogs will have some issue with their oral health. Dog’s don’t have access to things to chew on like they did in the wild which allowed them to naturally strengthen their teeth.


To give our best friends a better life with the better products of the best quality.









Founder’s Story: How Bullibone Started

The Founder of Bullibone, Lee Willingham, summed up the last three years with the words “it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride!” For Lee and his wife Leah, that’s probably an understatement. What these years have been are a testament to necessity being the mother of invention and how far one person can go with a simple idea.

A tool and die maker by trade, Lee Willingham has a degree in mechanical engineering and his own business. He also has an English bulldog named Boogie who likes to chew pretty much everything.

On the recommendation of his vet, Lee purchased a nylon chew bone for Boogie. Boogie was not impressed, refusing to chew it.

Since Lee is an innovator who enjoys inventing, he decided to make his own chew toy for Boogie. He built a mold for a dog bone and set out to permeate it with flavor to make it more appealing. After a few different tests, he hit on a beef flavor that Boogie liked.

Lee sent samples of his new bone to friends to see what appealed to their dogs as well. One thing Lee also noticed was that dogs had a difficult time holding on to the bone while they chewed. So he decided making one end of it flat might solve that problem. With a new mold, he was able to produce a flavored bone with one flat end that dogs could hold on to.


Dogs Absolutely Love Them.

Company Highlights

  • Founded, owned and operated right here in the America. 100% of the product from start to finish is made in the USA.
  • Recommended by vets, major media outlets, bloggers, pet parents and thousands of loyal customers.
  • Bullibone was the exclusive USA dog toy company highlighted by the largest retailer in the world for a national advertising campaign
  • Award Winning Interactive Toy Designs

A Healthy Dog is A Happy Dog

Not only do these toys keep your dog from chewing up your best pair of shoes, they also provide an easy route to healthy pup. Your dog gets the fun out of the toy and you get a happier, healthier pet.

Health Benefits

Dog’s teeth are prone to the growth of bacteria which leads to infection, gum disease and loss of teeth. Such issues may lead to continual pain and a decline in your dog’s overall health, as the harmful, untreated bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect other organs.

Bullibone toys are designed to: Help clear accumulated plaque from a dog’s teeth and Stimulate blood flow needed for healthy gums.

Emotional Benefits

Improve the health of our hearts. Spending time interacting with a happy dog has been shown to decrease high blood pressure, relieve stress and increase the dopamine and serotonin levels in our bodies, which in turn increases our sense of well-being.

Bullibone toys are designed to: Create interaction between the dog and the pet parent. Allow the dog to figure out how to use the toy and display intelligence in a way that gives the pet parent pride