Program Overview

The idea behind our Ambassador Program was to create a community where we, as dog lovers,  could connect with other dog lovers across the US.

We created this program with the intent to support pet owners and their pets, and build a strong relationship with each and every one of our Ambassadors! Through the program, our ambassadors receive a network of like-minded people, product support, and a cheer squad that never quits!

We are constantly trying to be as creative as possible and create fun Social Media campaigns that both our Ambassadors and their followers will enjoy!

These relationships have the potential to start building and creating big things together. Sharing ideas. Answering questions. Asking questions. Connecting with relevant people. Listening. Sharing the content of others. Sharing your content. As a team, we will be always there to support you, and we would love to get the same thing in return.

When you become a Bullibone Brand Ambassador, you don’t become just another marketing channel, you become a part of our family.



Who can become our Brand Ambassador?

That’s easy… YOU! The only requirement is to have an Instagram account.

We encourage everyone to apply because we’d love to see this family growing bigger as time goes by!




  • #getfeatured on our Instagram Account with 10K plus followers and start building your social influence.
  • Boost your Instagram followers and growth as an influencer!
  • Get exclusive discounts as a Brand Ambassador.
  • Exclusive releases of Brand Ambassador Only items!
  • Earn commission as an affiliate marketer, 20% of each sale you make with no limits of possible earning.
  • Build relationships  & connect with other people with similar interests.
  • Constant product support for giveaways & contests that help you grow your audience.
  • Merch and swag
  • Industry insights
  • Takeovers – you’re welcome to host a takeover on our Instagram & promote your own!

Wanna join the Bullibone Team?