Made in the USA

We make Bullibones right here in the USA so we know for sure what goes into them. You see, this company began because we love our dogs. They’re part of our families, and we want what’s best for them. We would do anything for our pets and that love extends into ensuring the quality and safety of the things they chew on.

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Not All Chew Toys are Equal

Sometimes inferior materials and methods are used in offshore production, and it can be hard to know exactly what your dog is consuming. In order to ensure that Bullibones are safe and healthy chew toys, we start with raw materials that are made here in the USA. From the flavoring to the nylon, everything has been designed to give our best friends a better life thanks to products of the finest quality.

Safe Toys Means Healthier Dogs

One of the biggest problems facing canines is problems with their teeth. One in three dogs will have some issue with their oral health. Dogs need things to chew on like they did in the wild which allowed them to naturally strengthen their teeth. Bullibones are designed to be safe, enjoyable and beneficial to your dog.

This product is ingestible. We only use 2 ingredients, a natural flavor such as real bacon, beef or peanut butter and a high-grade fiber like nylon. The nylon is non-reactive and a safe alternative to rawhide, your dog will probably swallow little bits of the material but it is designed to just pass through like fiber. So the word “edible” refers to food, this product is a toy not intended to be food.

Made in America

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