A Bullibone is a satisfying and healthy toy for your dog. Our ergonomic paw pad handles and intuitive design makes our bones easy for dogs to grip– after all, they don’t have thumbs! Each Bullibone is permeated with flavor and the shape provides your dog with hours of chewing pleasure.

Spin-a-Bone is a long-lasting, ultra-satisfying chew toy that engages your dog and satisfies their chewing needs! This fun, interactive toy improves your dog’s oral hygiene and saves you money on their dental bills. The human gives it a spin and the dog catches the prey!

The Treat Trap is a fun, challenging toy for your dog to flip over and retrieve their treat. It reduces tartar and plaque and helps maintain healthier gums, giving your dog fresher breath. Every time you come home your dog will walk up to you with the Treat Trap and beg for a treat!

Bullibones consists of simple ingredients: nylon and natural flavoring. Everything is sourced exclusively in the United States. 

Bullibones are intended to be chew toys that clean teeth and offer oral health benefits. They aren’t designed to be consumed, though they can be ingested in small quantities. We recommend replacing your Bullibone after reasonable wear and, at a minimum, once a month.

Bullibone products are manufactured and produced in the United States.

If you start to see large pieces of the Bullibone falling off after extended chewing, we recommend replacing your Bullibone right away.

Bullibones are very tough, durable chew toys, intended for dogs who need something sturdy to chew. A quick press on the bone will show you just how hard a Bullibone is.

Bullibones last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how extreme of a chewer your dog is. We recommend replacing your Bullibone at least monthly. If your dog is an extreme chewer, we recommend replacing weekly or bi-weekly.

Bullibone flavors are bacon, peanut, and beef. Avoid introducing any Bullibone product into a household with an allergy to any of the following: peanuts, beef, pork or nylon.

A Bullibone’s flavor lasts for a long time. Although you may not be able to smell the scent, your dog can certainly still taste and smell it.

Bullibones come in three sizes – Small, Large, and Extra Large. Small Bullibones are meant for small dogs, large are meant for medium and large-sized dogs, and extra-large is meant for very large dogs. Use caution with puppies, as we recommend only experienced chewers tackle a Bullibone.

We do not recommend buying a Bullibone for puppies younger than 6 months due to the hardness of the chew toy.

We’re here for you and your dog if he or she has a bad experience! Please reach out to us at info@bullibone.com. Our team will respond as fast as possible and we will do what it takes to show you how much we care about dogs.

Bullibones can be washed with hand soap and warm water. Try to keep it from extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Since we do use natural flavors, coloring, and scents, we recommend keeping away from really light-colored clothing and carpets.

Bullibones can be found at Wal-mart and Albertsons. If you can’t find one at your local store, find us on Amazon here *******************************

We do not typically sell Bullibones outside the US. Reach out to us at info@bullibone.com to inquire on these questions.